Thoughts of an American Taxpayer



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A Patriot’s Views on Righting our Country’s Wrongs

Looking all around us, it is evident that the United States of America is heading down a course of economic, financial, and social ruin thanks, in most part, to an irresponsible and careless government. Author G. Williamson, through his passionate writing, shows us why he believes that our out-of-control government no longer cares about our Constitution, economy, businesses, or families. It is a government ruled not by the people but by progressive reformers who seek to place restrictions on our individual freedoms.

Through his powerful words in Thoughts of an American Taxpayer, G. Williamson suggests that the key to turning around this unrestrained government is to understand the reasons for its malfunction. From bailouts, to the economy and jobs, to foreign policy, to our tax system, he effectively informs us of the self-destructive and risky path our government is leading us down. He also describes what we as American citizens can do to reverse this dangerous and precarious direction in which our country is heading.

Don’t be left in the dark about the issues in our country any longer. Pick up this motivational and encouraging book today and delve into the Thoughts of an American Taxpayer.


Introduction – 9
The Author – An American Taxpayer-11
American Business – 16
Government and Government Businesses – 17
Politicians and Bailouts – 31
Producers vs. Non-Producers – 40
The Economy and Jobs – 43
Foreign Policy and Military – 51
Taxes – 55
Chavez/Obama Media – 64
President Barrak Hussein Obama – 72
War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan – 103
Fort Hood Texas – Muslim Terrorist – 114
English – 121
Global Warming – 128
God – 130
Medicare and Healthcare – 139
Schools and Children – 170
Unions – 176
Conclusion – 179