Thoughts of an American Taxpayer



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A Patriot’s Views on Righting our Country’s Wrongs

This book was written to expose our politicians and Media for the Low Life Scum they are with thoughts, emails, quotes and outside sources to provide information. I have not confirmed the stories or emails in the book but believe a lot of the information should have been investigated and/or exposed. Most of our politicians (mostly democrats) and what I refer to as Chavez-Obama Media no longer care about our Constitution, our Economy, our Businesses, our Families and will use whatever means possible to destroy our country as we know it and love it and the American People. All they care about is their personal agendas and paying off their political debts to assist the Unions and expand the government while making the United States of America weak.


The Author: An American Taxpayer – 7
American Business – 9
Chavez/Obama Media – 13
Government and Government Businesses – 17
Politicians and Bailouts – 35
Producers vs. Non-producers – 41
The Economy and Jobs – 45
Foreign Policy and Military – 57
Taxes – 59
President Barack Hussein Obama – 71
War on Terror in Iraq an Afghanistan – 85
Fort Hood, Texas: Muslim Terrorist – 95
English – 95
Global Warming – 101
God – 105
Medicare and Health Care – 115
Schools and Children – 121
Social Security – 123
Unions – 127
Conclusion – 149
E-mails: you Read and Decide – 153